• Toby

10 Quirky Kitchen Gadgets Under £20

Whether it is a friends birthday or you are just looking to treat yourself to a little gift for the kitchen this blog has 10 products that we believe will suit you. All these products are under £20, but that does not mean that quality has been pushed aside. We have chosen the best utensils, gadgets and merchandise for you to browse, so enjoy.

1) Panda Hug Mug

Sometimes it's hot milk and Oreos, other times it is a cuppa tea and a digestive; this mug will accommodate your drink and cookie of choice. The mug is made of high quality ceramic, and can hold unto 400ml drink, just be aware that it's not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. Charming and unique, if you are an avid hot-drink drinker or just a fan of pandas, this is the gift for you.

Buy Now: £16.39

2) Egg Poaching Cups

A lot of chefs will dispute about how to make the best poach eggs, however if you are like me, have little time but still would like to indulge in the luxury of poached eggs, these silicone cups are perfect. Simply just submerge the base of the cups in boiling water in a sauce pan and within 5 minutes, you are guaranteed restaurant quality eggs.

Buy Now: £7.49

3) Clip and Dip

If you are a fussy eater, or enjoy hosting events, you will wish you had invested in this product years ago. Clip and Dip is compatible with all plate sizes, it just simply slides onto the plate lip providing you with a pot to put your favourite dip or sauce. This product is also dishwasher safe, making life even easier.

Buy Now: £7.99

4) Fondue Set

Chocolate and cheese are two of my favourite foods, if they are up there on your list too this fondue set will be a great addition to your cupboards. Dipping strawberries, marshmallows or even fudge into a bowl of silky chocolate at sunset may be the romantic date you are looking for. Or you could transport you tastebuds to the Alps, where dipping French baguette and cured meats into boiling cheese is a delicacy. Its portable nature means you could even take it camping.

Buy Now: £15.99

5) Bogey Man Egg Separator

This novelty egg separator adds a little comedy to your kitchen, as well as the practical use of separating your egg. we think this would be a fantastic novelty gift to someone that can channel their inner child whilst baking up wonders.

Buy Now: £8.93